Thursday, March 4, 2010

Did you know? My Top 5 Reasons for Reading World Literature

#1 Because the people of the world are becoming more and more connected culturally and economically, my students need to experience other cultures through reading. (Dependent clause/comma/independent clause)

#2 I enjoy easy-to-read, escapist books like Twilight; however, I also know that intellectual stimulation and critical analysis requires more difficult texts that my students would most likely not read on their own. (indenpendent clause/semicolon/conjunctive adverb/comma/independent clause)

#3 Since the Minnesota State Language Arts Standards require students to read literature beyond the United States and the United Kingdom, Edina Public Schools has placed an emphasis on World Literature in the sophomore year. (Dependent clause/comma/independent clause)

#4 I believe that being fully human requires an understanding of the world beyond our backyards, so I attempt to bring the world to the pages my students read in English 10.(independent clause/comma/coordinating conjuction/independent clause)

#5 I know that my students may still not agree with me that the world is getting smaller and reading can help bridge culturally understanding; nevertheless, English 10 will continue to have a world literature focus because citizens of the U.S. need to be in the "know," so I want my students to watch the short video "Did you know?"
(Dependent clause/semicolon/conjunctive adverb/comma/independent clause/dependent clause/comma/coordinating conjunction/independent clause)

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