Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things Fall Apart Peer Review

Writer: Tell your responder what you need from them.

1. Write down these questions or concerns at the top of the paper.
2. Read introductory paragraph. How does the author draw you in? Put a Bracket around the thesis.
3. Before continuing your reading, check the topic sentences of each body paragraph – does each correspond to an idea mentioned in the thesis? Underline the ideas in the topic sentences that correspond to the thesis. If you cannot do this, the topic sentences need revision.
4. Read the body paragraphs. Identify the points and illustrations. Put a P and I in the margin by each point and illustration.
5. Evaluate each explanation – does the writer clearly explain how a literary device helps prove the point? Write + or - in the margin next to each E if a discussion of a literary device is evident.
6. Read the conclusion. Circle the section where the author shows how this topic connects to life.
7. Go back to the essay to help the writer with her/his particular questions or concerns. Talk together about them, and come up with a plan for the writer.

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