Friday, April 9, 2010

Research Letter Grading Criteria

Here's what you need to turn in by 3:10 on Monday, April 12 and how the assignment will be graded. Remember that you also need to give a brief speech about your letter.

1. Research Letter

•Topic is relevant and well-selected
•Letter makes a persuasive, well-organized argument about your chosen ethical issue
•Includes citations to at least 3 credible sources
•Includes some background information and acknowledgement of the opposition
•Illustrations/ quotes provide strong support for your topic
•All quotations and paraphrases are introduced with a signal phrase that indicates the source of the information
•Tone is appropriately formal and serious
•Sentence are fluid, concise
•Word choice is precise
•Letter reflects revision and evidence of engagement with the writing process
•Letter is properly formatted according to business letter model and single-spaced
•Entire packet is submitted in a neat, orderly fashion with attention to detail

2. Works Cited Page

•Properly formatted according to MLA standards
•All Entries Double-spaced
•Inclusive of all sources cited within the text of the letter

3.Printed copies of sources

•Copies of all sources are submitted with essay
•Sources show evidence of annotation or proof of careful notetaking

4. Flow Map of Credibility for all sources not found on school database

•One flow map is submitted for each source that is not from a school database
•The information on each flow map is specific to the source being evaluated

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